Dijon Mustard Blackcurrant - Edmond Fallot

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This sweet and fruity mustard is an elegant plate garnish. Brilliant in a vinaigrette for salads, it can also be used in steak, duck, rabbit and game recipes to add flavor.

Made from whole black and brown seeds mixed with verjuice and then mixed with blackcurrant cream from Dijon, this mustard has extraordinary flavors and characteristic grainy textures. Still made traditionally by grinding the seeds between stones and milling with traditional millstones, the original bite of the mustard seeds remains intact to achieve this brand's consistent quality and bite.

About Edmond Fallot
In 1840, Leon Bouley started his own mustard mill in France. In 1903, he received an award from the City of Paris for his delicious mustard, making his product prestigious. Today, the inheritors of his company maintain the same standards for Edmond Fallot mustard that Bouley started in the 19th century. Since 1840, the distinctive flavors and high quality of Edmond Fallot's specialty Dijon mustards have earned the company high regards. In the town of Beaune in Dijon, France, Fallot still grinds its mustard seeds the traditional way. So flavorful and potent, this is a mustard for true mustard lovers.

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7.2 oz - 205 grams

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