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Cold Press, No sugar added

Pomegranate Juice booming in healthy and functional food market by statements of science world and media has became a competitor beverage to red wine in USA and number one beverage of England with increased healthy food consumption in recent years. Today pomegranate juice is preferred rather than apple and orange juice.

Pomegranate Juice adventure firstly started in 2004 and continued in 2005 with record level production as well as pomegranate juice export in the same year. Today Ersu is still introducing many regions in the world with pomegranate juice and it is making world in wide range from America to Australia drink pomegranate juice.

Ersu Production Process:
In Ersu, no protecting agent is used from the entrance of fruit in plant to its filling as Pomegranate Juice. Fruit juices packaged as aseptic/hygienic thanks to the advanced technology maintain vitamin and mineral contents in maximum level during the shell life. Secure food production is made providing hygienic conditions with purification of machinery and equipment in Ersu by "Clean In Place" process daily.

In production phases lasting for 24 hours; raw material, production and end product controls are provided by experienced personnel of Ersu laboratories; auxiliary material, raw material, process and end product controls, Re &De studies are conducted in accordance with analysis standards in laboratories. Maintenance and calibration processes of used devices are precisely completed in accredited firms and Ersu aims at providing and maintaining of food security.

Pomegranate Juice Benefits:
100ml pomegranate juice meets 16% of daily vitamin C requirement of an adult. Pomegranate juice also contains vitamin B and potassium. Studies are made that tannin substance in pomegranate reduces the hearth failure risk. It is determined that pomegranate juice consumption reduces the LDL-cholesterol levels known as "bad cholesterol" and increases the HDL-cholesterol level known as "good cholesterol".

1000ml - 33.8 fl oz

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