Persian Blue Salt - "True Persian Blue"

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Persian (Iranian) True Blue Rock Sea Salt is one of the rarest and oldest salts in the world. It is extracted from a single mine in the northern province of Semnan, Iran. Its beautiful color is a result of the way the salt crystals refract the light. The reason for this refraction is due to the extreme pressure with which the salt was formed millions of years ago. Because of its origin Persian Blue Salt is one of the considered the cleanest and purest salts, as it come from oceans that have dried up more than 200 million years ago, and free of any contamination. Our supply is shipped to us directly from Semnan Salt mines in large salt rocks.

Its sharp and intense flavor softens to produce a more delicate and subtle aftertaste. It is great on fish, meats, veggies, truffle dishes or as a drink rimmer. Due to its rapid solubility, it is recommended to season the food just before placing it on the dish, to enjoy its flavor and texture.

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