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Quality Tea Co - Persian Tea Shamshiri Pure Ceylon Tea with original Bergamot Oil

500 grams

Persian Basket offers Quality Tea Co Shamshiri loose leaf Pure Ceylon Tea with original Bergamot oil in a 500gram box. Known as “chai” in Persia, tea is one of the most important traditional drink of every day life. Tea has become the national drink and the whole northern region of Persia along the Caspian Sea is dedicated to the production of tea. Tea is consumed in the morning, after every meal, as well as all throughout the day. It is the drink that is served to guests and friends alike. Persian tea is about more than just the beverage; it is about being with family, friends, relaxing, and exchanging conversation. Shamshiri tea is one of the oldest brands of tea in Iran. This tea owes its popularity to its aroma, quality of the dried leaves as well as beautiful red color it produces after correct brewing! Persians always drink their tea in glass cups as to feel the warmth emanating from the drink. Contains caffeine.

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Really best tea in the USA (Posted on 2/25/2017)

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