Dried Herb Mix - "Sabzi Ghormeh" - Anjoman - Imported from Iran

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سبزی خشک قورمه سبزی بسته بندی

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If you miss "سبزی خشک بسته بندی ایرانی ", look no further. Persian Basket proudly presents dried herbs mix for "Sabzi Ghormeh" imported from Iran and packed by popular Iranian company, "Anjoman". Grab a pack for your next delicious "Ghormeh Sabzi" meal. While you're at it, don't forget to grab your Long Grain Dunar Basmati Rice, "limoo omani", and Cranberry beans (لوبیا چیتی) to make your next extraordinary Ghormeh Sabzi meal. Don't know how to do it?! No worries!! We've got you covered all the way through. Check out renowned chef Najmieh Batmangelij's cook book ("Food of Life") for a recipe on Ghormeh Sabzi and many other delicious Iranian meals...


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