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100% Handmade Clay

100% Handmade Clay "Minakari" - "Fanoos" Set with "Mina" Flowers- Imported

iPhone X (Ten) Case  - Persian Calligraphy Artwork

iPhone X (Ten) Case - Persian Calligraphy Artwork

100% Handmade Clay "Minakari" - "Fanoos" Set with "Mina" Eclectic

A simply beautiful complementary set of two hand made and hand painted clay "Fanoos" featuring two elegant designs. There are about 50 different combination of patterns and colors used to yield the final set. Each design is hand painted and then colored one by one for increased precision and production of a truly unique, one of a kind pair which you will never find in any one's home. All these pieces are hand painted so the shades of colors are slightly different and no two sets are exactly the same. Each single piece of this intricate set is carefully bubble wrapped and placed in box to assure safe arrival of this item. There will be a shipping/handling fee applied to the cost of this item. This set will be shipped separately in its own box and will not be mixed with anything else included in your order.
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"Fanoos" is the most traditional form of lamp in our beloved motherland, Iran. The word "Fanous" (Fanos, Phanos and Fanoos in different middle eastern dialects) is a term of Greek origin translated to "candle". It means 'light' or 'lantern'. It was historically used in its meaning of "the light of the world," and is a symbol of hope, as in "light in the darkness". Traditionally "Fanoos", is favored in Persian culture as a symbol of light, simplicity and beauty. It is becoming much more popular in today's Iran as a symbol of our ancient culture. Authentic Persian style - Imported Measurement: Fanoos with its stand ~ 7.5 to 8 inches Glass top ~ 4.5-5 inches
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