Black Midget Raisins - Ideal for Cooking

- Delicious sun dried midget black raisins - Great option for snacking, ad for adding to your favorite breakfast cereal - Highly desirable for backing as well as cooking, THE BEST OPTION FOR COOKING PERSIAN STYLE "Adas Polo" or "Ghaabli Polo" - Yields from sun dried natural seedless raisins 1lb, 450 gram Total calories: 130 kcal per one serving (45grams) Product of Kerman, California
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In stock
Midget and Mini-Midget Raisins are produced from premium quality natural seedless raisins. As the raisins undergo cleaning and sorting, they are also graded by size. The smaller raisin berries are sorted out and graded as either "midget" or "mini-midget". These sizes of raisins are especially popular in the baking industry as they work well with breads and other bakery goods. They retain their shape and texture well during mixing processes. These raisins are highly sought after by any Persian chefs and specifically for "Adas Polo". Grab a handful of this one and mix with a handful of the golden raisins to create an extra ordinary mix to top off your next "Adas Polo" dish.
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Persian Name کشمش ریز مخصوص عدس پلو یا قابلی پلو
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