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Caramel Hard Candy - Minoo of Iran

How much would you pay to get a world of childhood memories unlocked??! We are asking for 6.99 per 8oz only!!! If you were born in 1340s and 1350s in Iran, chances are that you really are missing the taste and look of these little pieces of pure joy, "Aabnabat Minoo". This amazingly tasty caramel hard candy is one of the most popular candies across the generations in Iran. 8 oz
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Minoo is one of the oldest if not the oldest manufacturer of the candies and snacks in Iran. Their products have been adored by people of all walks of life and from any age groups from youngsters to elderly. The tasty products of Minoo come in many different varieties from hard candy to evening snack packs. The hard candy by Minoo and their Toffee are the oldest candies and most certainly the most popular candies by Minoo.
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