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Colorful Espand (for Weddings & Ceremonies) - Rue Seeds - Persian Basket

This special colorful medley comes to us all the way from Kurdestan, Iran. This type of Espand is used for decoration and for "Sofreh Aghd" (Iranian wedding ceremonies). Due to its various dried flowers/rose petals/lavender buds//herbs/hog weed content, this specific combination has a much more aromatic scent when burned hence making it very appealing for wedding ceremonies both look wise and aroma wise. 50 grams
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Wild Rue Seeds-Esphand is an aromatic seed commonly used to create incense and is burned with other seeds and roots to create different aromas. In Iran Esfand is used to fight against the evil eye. This is a tradition that has been passed down through generations from the days of Zoroastrianism. The idea is to burn Esfand seeds during which time the seeds make a popping sound, then the smoke that comes from the burning seeds must be circled around one’s head and home. The smoke and the popping sound are said to take away the evil eye/thoughts. Now a day we are aware of many therapeutic effects of Rue Seed which in turn has made it popular in the Western medicine as well!
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Persian Name إسپند رنگی دونه ذونه
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