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Chic & Unique Crystalline Double Wall Tall Tea Glass With Stand

Chic & Unique Crystalline Double Wall Tall Tea Glass With Stand

"Khorma Mazafati Bam" - Bam Dates

Crystalline Tea Glass & Matching Saucer - "Adorable Pair"

This super cute stylish crystalline glass and saucer is definitely a must try for those who have a "thing" for tea glasses accompanied by a causer. This set has the modern feel due to its clear glass texture yet it has a nostalgic feel due to its look. 12 pieces per set six tea glasses with six matching saucer
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Having tea in a tea glass with its matching saucer has been customary in the Middle East among tea lovers for a long time. People would either rest the tea glass in the saucer or pour the tea in the saucer which in turn helped the hot drink cool down quicker. Practice of pouring tea in the saucer has become obsolete over the years and is now only popular among elderly. Meanwhile having the saucer under the tea glass has still been very popular among many Iranians including the younger generation. Maybe it is more of a nostalgia for them than anything else!!
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