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Herbal Medley (

Herbal Medley ("Forty Herb") Water - 100% Natural & Plant Driven - Naab - Imported

Pussy Willow - Musk Willow Mix Drink/ Syrup -

Pussy Willow - Musk Willow Mix Drink/ Syrup - "Sharbate Bid Meshk" - 100% Natural & Plant Driven - Naab - Imported

Dill Water - 100% Natural & Plant Driven - Naab - Imported

Dill has a warm nature so it is used to treat any ailments where combating cold nature is called for. Dill is also used to treat water retention, obesity, and indigestion. Fun fact – Native Americans chewed on dill seeds to curb their appetites during long church services! Dill water is used to treat bloating and colic in babies. There are some chemicals in dill that are thought to relax muscles and increase urine like a water pill (source WebMD). For a more comprehensive list of medicinal uses of the dill water, please refer to under details section for this product. Net volume: 13.52 fl oz, 400 cc
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Imported due to popular request are a selective array of medicinal/therapeutic waters (100% plant and plant essence driven, void of any additives/preservatives) made using authentic processes to derive the waters from plants. These "Araghijat" product group has been imported to satisfy our hard to please customers who are looking for unique products. Take your time to explore them and their medicinal properties one by one... Dill has been used for centuries in traditional Asian and Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, people use dill for certain medicinal purposes, including: Gastrointestinal disorders Loss of appetite Kidney disease Flatulence Fever and colds Cough Bronchitis Infectious disease Liver and gallbladder complaints Urinary tract disorders Hemorrhoids Spasms Neuropathy Renal colic Dysuria Genital ulcers Dysmenorrhea Insomnia and other sleep disorders There is not enough evidence to rate the effectiveness of dill in humans for these uses.
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