Certified Organic Dried Figs - Estahban of Iran

Do not settle for anything other than the best when you can get the best! Persian Basket is proudly presenting Estahban's figs for the very first time in USA. Estahban's figs are creme of the crop of figs produced in the homeland. Treat yourself to something truly exceptional. Enjoy them as dried fruit snacks by themselves. Add them to your favorite trail mix. Use them in baking biscotti or other pastries. 6 0z - 170 grams
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In stock
Estahban has been famous for producing the best Iranian figs available in the market. Large size, gorgeous gold color and amazingly sweet taste are the quite unique characters of these figs that are not comparable to any other figs produced in or out of Iran. These figs are USDA certified organic.
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Persian Name اعلاترین انجیر ایران/استهبان
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