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"Badoom/Fandogh/Gerdoo" - Decorative Nuts for "Sofreh Aghd"

"Badoom" - Candied Almonds for "Sofreh Aghd"

"Espand Flowers" - Decorative Painted & Non Painted Flowers for "Sofreh Aghd"

Sold in Set of Three "Espand" (wild rue seeds) is a component of "Sofreh Aghd". It may be painted and put in a special dish or set on a display pending the design of "Sofreh" and taste of the wedded couple. Rue seed is an aromatic herb which is burned as part of a ritual (in the coal brazier) for symbolizing traditional purification. It is said to keep away the "Evil Eye". The smoke form burning rue seed has been said to possess antimicrobial properties. "Espand" for "Sofreh Aghd" does not have to be burned. It can be painted and used as decorative display. Place these beautiful flowers in a mirror tray by themselves or place them with a set of "Nabat Flowers" all in a larger mirror tray. **A Customer Support Team member will contact you to double check your favorite flower designs with you before this item is shipped out** **Consultation with our graphic designer/artist (for a fee) is available upon request. Our artist can give you ideas and/or send you pictures on how to set your "Sofreh"**
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"Espand Flowers" - Decorative Painted & Non Painted Flowers for "Sofreh Aghd"
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