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EXEER 12 oz. PussyWillow Water Stimulator

EXEER 12 oz PussyWillow Water Stimulator

EXEER Sparkling Variety 4 Pack


Exeer Sparkling Water beverages are sugar-free, only slightly sweetened with maple syrup and contains 100% natural ingredients. Exeer waters are plant-based, alcohol free and can therefore be enjoyed by all generations. Exeer functional beverages are nonalcoholic drinks that target functions in the body or mind to achieve an improved state of health and well-being and help immune system or mental performance.

12 oz. can - 335ml

1 can each of the following four flavors: Rose Water Relaxer, PussyWillow Stimulator, Neroli Refersher and Mint Soother

Availability: Out of stock

This variety pack contains four different flavors of sparkling botanical water. Each bottle of botanical water contains specific combination of plant-derived minerals, including Sodium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and Zinc. It can be made from any fruit or vegetable, organic or non-organic, that's distilled. The “harvesting” process effectively removes any present toxins, resulting in clean, purified water that may or may not include traces of plant driven mineral oils. These traces of mineral oils are direct products of distillation process. These low-calorie beverages are 100% natural and hence very refreshing. Our product has a sweet hint coming from added maple syrup.

Rose Water Relaxer: Since ancient times, people from the Mediterranean region have cherished the use of rose water as a culinary treasure. Now, you can savor the same timeless essence in Exeer sparkling beverage.

Pussy Willow Stimulator: Pussy Willow isn't just a plant; it's a botanical powerhouse that's a natural gift that you can trust to nurture your overall well-being.

Neroli Refresher: Neroli or Orange Blossom gentle floral aroma is celebrated for its calming and stress-relieving qualities, making it the perfect choice to unwind after a long day or to simply find tranquility in the midst of a busy one.

Mint Soother: Mint isn't just about flavor; it's a wellness ally too. With Sparkling Mint Soother, you're not just hydrating but nourishing yourself.

Nutritional Info

  • Neroli Refresher:  35 Calories Per Can
  • PussyWillow Stimulator: 35 Calories Per Can
  • Rose Water Relaxer: 50 Calories Per Can
  • Mint Soother: 60 Calories Per Can


  • Neroli Refresher: Carbonated Water, Neroli Water, Maple Syrup and Citric Acid
  • PussyWillow Stimulator: Carbonated Water, PussyWillow Water, Maple Syrup and Citric Acid
  • Rose Water Relaxer: Carbonated Water, Rose Water, Maple Syrup and Citric Acid
  • Mint Soother: Carbonated Water, Mint Water, Maple Syrup, Cucumber Flavor and Citric Acid
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