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Fenugreek Seeds - "Bazr Shanbalileh" (for Planting) - Persian Basket

Fenugreek, "Shanbalileh" in Farsi, is a very popular herb in middle east. This herb is used quite often in Indian, Greek as well as Persian Cuisine. In addition to having a pleasantly strong odor/flavor, this mystical herb possess many therapeutic effects. It has been thought to have the ability to increase milk production as well as to add favorable taste/odor to lactating mothers' milk. Fenugreek is an absolutely essential component of ever famous and popular Iranian dish, "Ghormeh Sabzi". 1 oz
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In stock
These Fenugreek Seeds (Shanbelileh) are non-edible botanical seeds for cultivating and agriculture. The best season for planting of these seeds are early spring as well as late summer. They need medium to high sun light exposure as well as low to medium level of moisture in soil. In traditional medicine, fenugreek is thought to promote digestion, induce labor, and reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics, although the evidence for these effects is lacking. High consumption of this herb may interfere with the anticoagulant effects of Coumadin like medications. Please consult with your pharmacist or physician prior to use.
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Persian Name بذر شنبلیله
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