Glazed Hand Painted & Hand Decorated Norooz Ceramic Eggs - بهار 1399

These cute and lovely ceramic eggs are all hand made from scratch. Then they are glazed and painted. A gorgeous pattern is then crafted by painting brush on each egg to create the intricate design. No two eggs are exact same shape/size and color as they are all hand made and hand painted to create a product for you that will be as unique as you are. Buy them separately or a s a set. Enjoy them year after year as they are durable and hard ceramic eggs. Avoid dropping them on hard surface as they will break! *sold individually*
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FEATL-handmade ceramic eggs
Persian basket proudly presents yet another unique 100% hand made and hand decorated ceramic eggs. These gorgeous eggs are made by hand from scratch and hence they all do not have the exact same size/shape. They all have the flat bottom for easy display and per popular request. Each egg depicts a popular Persian color and design.
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Persian Name تخم مرغ سرامیک برای سفره هفت سین (کار دست)
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