Angelica "Golpar" - Imported

Have you been craving this spice for past 30-40 or even fifty years in USA and were never able to find the intact version of it anywhere. Were you told that the powdered "Golpar" is all you can get in USA? Did you think what is sold as powdered "Golpar" in USA is not true "Golpar" and does not taste or smell like it. Well, we understand you and feel your pain! That is why we are proudly offering our authentic "Golpar", intact petals of Persian Hogweed flowers for your pure cooking enjoyment. That is OK if you are overjoyed! We can not contain our excitement either!! 0.5 OZ, 14 grams
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Angelica is one of the most popular spices in Iran. It is used as condiment with many snacks such as "Baghali" (freshly boiled aromatic fava beans), "Anar" (Pomegranates), "Portoghal" (freshly cut oranges). The gorgeous, aromatic petals add so much flavor and zest to your fresh fruits/vegetables that are not comparable to any other spice out there. Persians also add "Golpar" to their chutney mix and consider it an essential or rather crucial component to an incredible "Torshi".
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Persian Name گلپر پرپر
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