Meat Masher - "گوشت کوب"

We brought in this product just for you! You know who you are so do not wait any longer and buy what you have been looking and asking for a long time! Enjoy using this product from our homeland while you are having next "آبگوشت" meal. Stop using what is not supposed to be used for this purpose in place of a real "گوشت کوب"!! Sold as one
In stock
In stock
This hard to find yet extremely useful and popular product has traveled all around the world to be on our shelf and for you to order it since there is nothing quite like it in USA's market! This heavy duty, rust resistant aluminum piece is to be your next best/most useful kitchen tool which will work for you for a long time.
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Weight 0.350000
Persian Name گوشت کوب ایرانی
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