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Imported Dried Cornelian Cherries Zoghal Akhteh

Imported Dried Cornelian Cherries Zoghal Akhteh

Pure Grade 1 Saffron Negin

Saffron Sargol Negin Persian Pure Grade 1

5 oz Dried Wild Spearmint Leaves Pooneh


Dried Pooneh Koohi leaves or wild spearmint has a distinct mint flavor from traditional mint. Give Doogh - yogurt drink or maast o khair - cucumber yogurt dip or koofteh tabrizi- stuffed meatballs a spearmint twist. The amazing aroma of this pooneh leaves are provides will elevate your Persian cooking to the next level. 

5 oz. - 141 grams

Availability: In stock

If you miss emerald green color and incredible taste and smell of "سبزی بسته بندی نیشابور " look no further than right here. Our dried Pooneh Koohi leaves are simply amazing. Their incredibly refreshing aroma is going to add so much to any dish of yours that requires a minty flavor/aroma. They are this year's crop and imported from Iran. Delicious Pooneh leaves are an important part to cooking authentic French, Iranian and Turkish dishes. They are also reported to have a number of health benefits. Spearmint is a delicious, minty herb that may have beneficial effects on your health. It's high in antioxidants and other beneficial plant derived compounds that may help balance hormones, lower blood sugar and improve digestion. It may even reduce stress and improve memory. This herb is a key yet tricky ingredient in making the famous Iranian dish: "Koofteh Tabrizi" as well as Persian style "Maast O Khiar" or aromatic "Doogh". Although the taste of this herb is close to mint, it has a very distinct aroma and flavor that goes way beyond flavor/aroma of regular mint. ٍBe mindful that the amazing aroma of this product is VERY INTENSE so the 5 oz size will last a long time.

>Gourmet Dried Wild Spearmint - Pooneh

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