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Gray Horse & Sun - Pure All Natural Raw Honey (Fall Harvest) - By Iranian Bee Keeper: Amin Vakhshoorpoor

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This product is simply perfect. It is a truly amazing pure/raw honey produced by fellow Iranian in his Georgia honey farm, Grey Horse and Sun. Amin has two harvesting seasons annually during which he has honey, royal jelly, wax for candle, and honey with accompanying honey comb sheets. This is a must try product if you love honey and if you know honey very well! No other local honey comes close to the taste, clarity, color, and quality of this one. Please do yourself a favor and try this amazing product if you love and know pure honey and if you can not trust any honey out there in the market!! **Mr. Vakhshoorpoor is very particular about his honey products. Fall harvest honey has a darker color and more earthy/nutty flavor compared to spring harvest honey. Spring harvest honey has a lighter color and a more fruity taste and flowery aroma. Pick the one that best suits your taste preference but rest assured that our product will never disappoint you.** Net weight: 1 lb
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It is very hard and close to impossible to come across pure all natural raw honey . It is labor intensive and time consuming to keep/raise bees and to collect honey. For Amin Vakhshoorpoor, raising bees and collecting honey is more than a job. It has been a lifetime of passion and family trade to raise bees and collect honey. Amin has been exposed to this industry since young childhood. After moving to USA ten years ago, Amin and his wife have made this hobby and their childhood experience into their steady job in USA. They have a large farm in Georgia in which they raise bees and produce multiple different types of honey through using different types of flowers they get their bees exposed to. They have honey harvesting season during end of Summer as well as middle of spring. Their honey has a different color and taste depending on when they harvest it. They are also selling wax, royal jelly as well as honey with accompanying comb per customers' needs/demands. Please let us know if you are interested to but these products and we will provide you with price and availability pending harvest time. Check out our Facebook page to see Amin's bee farm and the process of harvesting honey.
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Persian Name عسل پاییزی اعلا محلی - محصولی توسط مزرعه دار ایرانی در جورجیا
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