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Gorgeous Mauve Hibiscus/

Gorgeous Mauve Hibiscus/ "Gole Khatmi" Haft Sin Set

Hand Crafted Persian Porcelain Art

Hand Crafted Persian Porcelain Art

Haft Sin Decorative Egg Set - Sustainable & Hand Crafted in USA- Colored Eggs


"نرم نرمک میرسد اینک بهار خوش به حال روزگار "

Lets celebrate Norooz 1401...

Decorative eggs are used to add beauty to every Haft Sin set up, no matter in which country this historical tradition is celebrated. The eggs in Haft Sin set up symbolize luck, continuation of generation and prosperity. Our beautiful 100% hand crafted wooden eggs are hand made and hand painted into three different colors of the real farm eggs (brown/white and pastel green). Then they are tastefully decorated by gorgeous designs inspired by historically famous Persian rugs and tiles. They come in six different variations for added visual pleasure and to make sure they go with any Sofreh Haft Sin set up and its surrounding decors. These eggs are sustainable so you can enjoy their beauty year after year.

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"Haft Sin" is a historical symbolic spread that is consisted of seven items where each one of them represents/symbolizes a concept. This spread is arranged either on the floor or on a table top right before Nowruz, the Persian New Year. Today, Nowruz is celebrated in few other countries such as India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan. There is so much excitement around Nowruz time in every corner of the world in which people celebrate Nowruz. People present their Haft Sin in their own beautiful either simple or elaborate ways. Its customary to spread your Haft Sin differently each year. You can become as creative as your little heart desires. The "Haft Sin" spread includes seven items all starting with the letter Seen/"س" in Farsi alphabet. The "Haft Sin" items are: Sabzeh (سبزه) - Wheat, barley, mung beans, or lentil sprouts growing in a dish symbolizing rebirth Samanu (سمنو) - Sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing wealth Senjed (سنجد) - Dried oleaster, Lotus tree fruit - symbolizing love Seer (سیر) - Garlic - symbolizing the medicine and health Seeb (سیب) - Apple - symbolizing beauty Somagh (سماق) - Sumac - Symbolizing the color of sunrise Serkeh (سرکه) - Vinegar - symbolizing old age and patience Items such as mirror, gold fish bowl, decorative eggs and "Divan Hafez" are added by some as other complimentary components of this spread.
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