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100% Handmade Clay Set "ناردونِ نیشابور"- Turquoise "Haft Sin" Set

♩♪♫♬ "بهار اومد گلا وا شد... دل ما باز خاطر خواه شد" ♩♪♫♬ It is that special time of the year again!! March 21st and "Norooz Bastani" is right around the corner. Get the "Haft Sin" set you always saw and thought of as "so cute" but could never find in USA or bring over from homeland. This is your chance, we have it right here for you! This year, shop for all your "Norooz Essentials" in one and only one place! We have all you need under one roof at Persian Basket! Your ready to display "Haft Sin" set is just a mouse click away. This beautiful set contains nine pieces (six flat dishes, two candle holders and one mirror). Every single piece of this set has been hand made and hand painted in Iran. Each single piece of this intricate hand painted/crafted set is carefully bubble wrapped and placed in the shipping box to assure safe arrival of the item. There will be no shipping/handling fee applied to the shipment of this item. This set will be shipped separately in its own box and will not mix with anything else included in your order.
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GE -ست هفت سین- سفالی انار فیروزه ای
Beautifully hand crafted and painted clay "Haft Sin" set is imported from motherland just in time for you to celebrate "Norooz". Buy the set and add below components to it and you are all set for Norooz. We have a short description of the "Haft Sin" for you right here... "Haft Sin" is a historical symbolic spread that is consisted of seven items, one of which representing a concept. This spread is arranged either on the floor or on a table top right before Norooz, the Persian New Year. Today, Norooz is celebrated in few other countries such as India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan. The "Haft Sin" spread includes seven items all starting with the letter Seen/"س" in Farsi alphabet. The "Haft Sin" items are: "Sabzeh (سبزه)" - Wheat, barley, mung beans, or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth "Samanoo (سمنو)" - Sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence "Senjed (سنجد)" - Dried oleaster, Lotus tree fruit - symbolizing love "Seer (سیر)" - Garlic - symbolizing the medicine and health "Seeb (سیب)" - Apple - symbolizing beauty "Somagh (سماق)" - Sumac - Symbolizing the color of sunrise Serkeh (سرکه) - Vinegar - symbolizing old age and patience Items such as mirror, gold fish bowl, decorative eggs and "Divan Hafez" are added by some as other complimentary components of this spread. Authentic Persian style - Imported
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