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Toot Tajrish Dried Red Mulberry

Toot Tajrish Dried Red Mulberry

Shamshiri Persian Tea 100ct Whole Leaf Ceylon Tea Bags

Shamshiri Persian Tea 100ct Whole Leaf Ceylon Tea Bags

Best Tea Earl Grey 100ct Whole Leaf Tea Bags


The Quality Tea Company chooses their blend mix from 100% Pure large leaves Ceylon Tea imported from Sri Lanka where quality tea has been grown for hundreds of years. The fine tea is then blended with the dried peels of Bergamot Oranges for that special aromatic quality known as special blend Persian Red Tea and Earl Grey blend. Best Tea is exported to Iran, Germany, Saudi Arabia, USA, and Canada. Best Tea owes its popularity to its distinct, bright, red color after brewing as well as its unforgettable citrus aroma.

100 Tea Bags

Net Weight - 7 oz. - 200 grams 

Availability: In stock

Earl Grey 100ct Tea Bags - Best Tea

Highest quality Ceylon black leaf tea blended with distinct flavor of bergamot and packed in a gorgeous mesh bag.Includes 100 organza tea bags containing whole leaf Ceylon tea with bergamot oil. Truly amazing tea bag to create an unforgettable cup of tea for you.

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