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"Samanoo" - Aradan - Imported

♩♪♫♬ "سمنو آی سمنو.....مال پای هفت سین سمنو....اومده باز عید سمنو" ♩♪♫♬

"Aradan" is the very first brand of industrially manufactured "Samanoo" brought to the market as a dessert. This popular brand owes its popularity to the high quality of its products. This product is void of any added sugar, oil and preservatives. It contains wheat germs, wheat flour and water only. Grab yourself a cupful and enjoy this tasty treat as a dessert or as an essential component of your "Haft Sin" set up.

This healthy treat can easily be used as a nutritious breakfast item. It can be used as a spread and a healthy substitute to not so healthy peanut butter or chocolate spreads. "Samanoo" is naturally loaded with Vit. B and hence it is a magic vitamin bullet for weak/fragile hair and unhealthy nails/skin.

Today, people enjoy Samanoo year around as a very healthy breakfast spread or a snack item...

If kept in the fridge, product is good for one year due to product's low water content (doubly concentrated).

150 gram

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"Samanoo" is a sweet paste made entirely from germinated wheat (young wheat grass). "Samanoo" is prepared especially for Norooz (New Year's Day) in motherland and many of its neighboring countries which celebrate Norooz. This practice has been traced back to the pre-Islamic Persia. Samanu is prominent for Haft Sin in motherland. In olden day, people believed putting "Samanoo" in "Haft Sin" set up will bring wealth and prosperity to the household in the new year...Product is pasteurized/homogenized. No preservative is added. Product needs to be kept in fridge once opened.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture
Persian Nameسمنو سفره هفت سین و عید
Special PriceNo


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ExcelentReview by Ali
Perfect (Posted on 3/17/2018)
Delicious Review by shayda Sorori
Great tasting. I am glad I found it online.
(Posted on 3/8/2018)
Excellent Review by Persirl
The product are delicious and of high quality!
I really enjoy the things that I miss about Iran.
Would love to have some Khoresh Mast from Isfahan (Posted on 2/17/2018)

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