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Crystalline Tea Glass & Matching Saucer -

Crystalline Tea Glass & Matching Saucer - "Adorable Pair"

Alo Vera Jello - Imported -  NC of Motherland

Alo Vera Jello - Imported - NC of Motherland

"Khorma Mazafati Bam" - Bam Dates

These sweet bites come individually placed in a pretty gift appropriate package. For once Bam dates get the attention they deserve in this presentable box so you can see each date as you decide which one to go for!! Their unmatched soft texture and all natural sweet taste makes them literally the best date in the middle east! 300grams net weight
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Bam dates are famous in middle east for their sweet taste and amazingly soft texture. The palm trees producing these dates are distinctively different than other date trees. The palms in Bam/Iran can only grow in this part of world. Hence the Bam products of Iran are unique to this region only. The mineral content of these dates is among highest mineral content of any dates in the world due to the dry climate of Iran.
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