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Traditional Persian Pastry -

Traditional Persian Pastry - "Ghotab" - Shirin

Satsuma Mandarines -

Satsuma Mandarines - "نارنگی ایرانی"

Low Sugar Nazook - Papillon


Papillon Nazook is a traditional Armenian/Persian sweet flaky pastry that is incredible to eat with a cup of chai or Turkish coffee. This sweet buttery flakey pastry is sometimes called Gata. Our Nazook can be either in lady finger size/shape or cut in an square shape.Our low sugar Nazook has 50% less sugar than regular Nazook but no compromise in taste!! Both square shaped and lady finger Nazook are flaky pastries.

**For most pleasurable results and to revive the original fresh, soft, puffy state of this amazing pastry, please warm it up in microwave or oven for 30seconds or one minute respectively.**

16 oz

Availability: In stock
Nazook is a traditional and popular Armenian pastry that is enjoyed all over the middle east and Europe. This flaky pastry is best enjoyed with hot tea or coffee. It can easily be added as a delicacy to your brunch table as well. It goes well with fruit and cheese assortment/plates.
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