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"Gilas Khoshk" - Dried Organic Black Cherries - Imported

Salty & Juicy Dehydrated Sour Cherries - !!

Salty & Juicy Dehydrated Sour Cherries - !! "آلبالو خشکه تر و مرطوب/مرغوب "

Naturally Sour Tamarind - Imported from Thailand

Are you craving the mouthwatering taste of Tamre Hendi? Have you missed the sour taste and the pure joy that comes with having Tamre Hendi? Crave no more! Try our Tamre Hendi bars that are pure natural Tamerind from Thailand. Have them as a mouthwatering snack or use them in making your favorite meat/fish/poultry sauce. 14 oz *Product may contain small pits**
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Natural, tasty, moth watering snack Great for meat/fish/poultry sauce base Try it with Kashk as a complementary snack pair!
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