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"Naan Shirmal" - Breakfast Bread

Noon Chai Zafarooni - Saffron Infused Persian Tea Cookies - Fresh Daily Baked

Noon Chai is literally translated to Tea Cookie in English. This pastry is a traditional Iranian cookie that was originally made in city of Ghazvin. Now a days you can find this cookie in many different parts of Iran. Each city has a slightly different recipe and possibly shape for this cookie. Our Noon Chai has the traditional Ghazvini recipe and is baked fresh daily by our pastry chef. This cookie has a mild sweet taste which makes it a perfect pairing for your evening hot tea or coffee. Our cookies have gorgeous paisley or leaf shape. They are topped with saffron glaze and roasted sesame seeds to enhance their beauty. You can enjoy them within any fancy cheese or fruit tray of your choice as well. We ship them in a stainless steel tin to assure their safe transit. Net Weight: 13-14 oz
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شیرینی ” نان چای یا نان چایی ” از شیرینی های سنتی قزوین است و با وجود اینکه برای سرو کنار چای عصرانه مناسب است، ولی طعم و دوام خوب این شیرینی باعث شده در لیست شیرینی های نوروزی قرار بگیرد

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