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Persian Basket Torshi Makhloot

Persian Basket Torshi Makhloot

Pasteurized Whey (Kashk) - Large Glass Jar - Zarrin

Use as a substitute for sour cream, add to Aash (Persian Noodle Soup). Mix with chopped roasted eggplant, fried chopped onions, garlic, salt and pepper for a tasty appetizer. Ingredients: Grade A Pasteurized Cultured Whole Milk, Water, Sea Salt, Whey. Contains: Milk Net weight:24.6 oz (1.1lbs = 500 grams) **Dairy products are shipped with dry ice and in cold pack containers. Product will get to you cool but dry ice may not remain frozen pending outside temperature and transit time**
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Zarrin pasteurized whey (Kashk) has a rich tick creamy consistancy which makes it perfect for straight usage out of the jar. It is not too runny nor too tick to complicate its preparation to be used for your Aash or Kashke Bademjoon. You may add some hot water to it prior to serving or decorating your Aash/Kashke Bademjoon if you prefer the consistancy to be more runny.
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