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Boxed Persian Greeting Cards - Includes 21 Cards

Boxed Persian Greeting Cards - Includes 21 Cards

Persian Greeting Card - For Weddings

Give them a card that will impress them not another generic one that is going to be thrown out! Have you ever thought of giving your loved ones a unique "Aroosi " greeting card with a Persian flare to it? Are the generic, store bought cards too repetitive and boring to you? Then try this beautiful card that depicts picture of a beautifully arranged traditional "Sofreh Aghd" spread and a comprehensive description of this cultural and historic ceremony. Give them a card that is as unique and as Persian as they are... *This card also has a blank side for you to write your own personal massage for the newly wed.
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Uniquely designed Persian greeting card with a picture of a beautifully arranged traditional "Sofreh Aghd" spread on it! This card will go over all the beautiful items set on the "Sofreh Aghd" and their historic/cultural meaning and purpose on this special spread. This card offers a great introduction of this beautiful ceremony to young couples who may not know anything about the true meaning behind components of "Sofreh Aghd". Sure to impress the pickiest, artistic, Persian friend of yours...
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