Persian Greeting Card

Give them a card that will impress them not another generic one that is going to be thrown out! Have you ever thought of a giving your loved ones a unique greeting card with a Persian flare to it? Are the generic store bought cards too repetitive and boring to you? Then try this beautiful card that depicts a picture of seventeenth-century Persian epigram and a beautiful piece of Persian poem. Best used for card giving of a male to a beloved female friend. Give her a card that is as unique as she is...
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In stock
Uniquely designed Persian greeting card with a picture of a painting (medieval Persian epigram) by Reza Abbasi on it! Sure to impress the pickiest, artistic, Persian girlfriend of yours...
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Persian Name کارت تبریک با نقشی فارسی الهام گرفته از هنرغنی ایران
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