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"Haft sin" Decorative Eggs - Set of Three - Four Different Sets

♩♪♫♬"...بهار اومد....گلا وا شد....دل ما باز خاطرخواه شد " ♩♪♫♬

This eye catching beautiful hand painted/decorated egg set includes three eggs. They are perfect addition to any "Haft Sin" set up. The sustainable clay and durable texture of the eggs contained in this set make it a great choice for your "Haft Sin". They can be kept and used over and over each year to add a sophisticated touch of beauty and elegance to your "Haft Sin" year after year. Match them with any blue, gold, turquoise and/or silver Haft Sin set up or Termeh. These gorgeous eggs are 100% handmade so no two eggs will have the same shape, shade of color and/or size. Let your Haft Sin set up be as unique as you are...

These beauties are available in four popular authentic cultural Persian colors to satisfy any taste or mood.

Sold in a set of three, one hand painted clay egg with calligraphy of Eshgh, one hand painted egg with "سال نو مبارک", and one matching hand painted plain egg

**The egg's dish and surrounding artifacts are merely for decoration and not for sale.**

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Egg is one of the complementary component of "Haft Sin". Although the Farsi translation for eggs, "تخم مرغ" does not start with the letter s,"س", eggs are used in Persian "Haft Sin" set up as a symbol of birth, growth, beauty and beginning. Many different variation of eggs can be displayed on "Haft Sin" set up. Eggs in any shape and form, from hand painted eggs to fancy decorative ones, from displaying them in bunches to showing off one large egg, they all add Persian flare and beauty/authenticity to your "Haft Sin" set up.Authentic Persian style, !00% hand made, hand painted and decorated, set includes one clay egg with Persian Calligraphy of word Eshgh, love in Farsi

Additional Info

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture
Persian Nameتخم مرغ سفره هفت سین - عشق
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