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Sesame Loaded Masghati - Larestani

Sesame Loaded Masghati - Larestani

Caramel Butter Toffee Candy - Minoo of Iran

Caramel Butter Toffee Candy - Minoo of Iran

Premium Cotton Candy with Pistachios- "Pashmak" - Packed In & Imported from Turkey

"Hajibaba "Pashmak" is the most famous Pashmak brand of Turkey. This pack is specially formulated for exports fulfilling our Persian recipe and hence is the pistachio on the top! This product has a rich texture and mouth watering vanilla flavor. It is presented in Pashmak's original fluffy and stringy form. Dive back into your childhood memories as you bite into this tasty treat! Pashmak is very fluffy and light weight so a small pack goes a looooong way.... 250 grams - 8.8 oz
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Pashmak (Persian: پشمک‎‎) is a popular Persian candy resembling cotton candy, made from sesame and sugar. This candy is not only popular in the Middle East but also in other parts of the world. Different countries have different recipes for this candy. The word Pashmak in Persian is composed of پشم pashm [wool] + ـَک ak [resemblance suffix] meaning "wool-like", as the confectionery resembles baby sheep's wool. Pashmak is served on its own or as an accompaniment to fruits, cakes, ice creams, puddings and desserts.
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