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Super Healthy All Natural Olive Spread -

Super Healthy All Natural Olive Spread - "Mama Faith's"

Sadaf-green-castelvetrano olives- persian basket

Green Castelvetrano Olives - Sadaf

Pickled Vegetable Mix (Torshi "Litteh") - Shemshad

Are you tired of all those "semi good" "Torshi" out there? Then this product by Shemshad is a must try!! This "Torshi" has a wonderful blend of dried herbs and spices to include coriander seeds, black seed (سیاه دونه), and "گلپر " (Angelica powder) which gives it a truly exceptional taste. It you are looking for a US made Torshi product that tastes like home, this is it! It really tastes like "grandma's Torshi". Pick yours and have it with your next "Loobia Polo" or "Makarooni" meal. Do not delay experiencing the pure joy it adds to your meal!! Net weight:16 oz - 453 gram
Availability: In stock
Shemshad's Litteh Torshi has been prepared using authentic Persian recipe and some flavors/spices unique only to our homeland. "Golpar" & "Siahdooneh" are to name two that really make a big difference in how your final Torshi product will taste.
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