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Fruit Rolls - Individually Wrapped -

Fruit Rolls - Individually Wrapped - "Lavashak Paziraee" - Jangali - Imported from Iran

"Original Ti Tap" - Imported

Rose/Cardamom/Saffron Herbal Tea Bag - "Damnoosh Zafaran/Rose/Hel" - Novin Saffron - Imported from Iran

A product blend uniquely trade marked by Novin Saffron of Iran Rich, exquisite saffron/rose/cardamom flavors all blended to create one extraordinary non caffeinated herbal drink Mood enhancer properties of Saffron and rose mixed with medicinal effects of cardamom to get the soothing effects you will experience with every cup of this tea 25 Tea Bags Superb quality. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
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A truly exceptional herbal tea infused with mystical/rich Persian flavors of saffron, cardamom, and rose

Steep in a cup of hot water and enjoy this ONE OF A KIND product!! Caffeine free

25 Tea Bags

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