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Home Made Style Fruits Rolls

Home Made Style Fruits Rolls "Lavashak" - Large Pack - Imported from Torghabeh

Fruit Rolls - Individually Wrapped -

Fruit Rolls - Individually Wrapped - "Lavashak Paziraee" - Takdis - Imported

Sea Salt Soaked Dehydrated Sour Cherries - !! "آلبالو خشکه نمکین و مرطوب "

These little beauties come to us all the way from across the world with their original Tehran recipe and from Tavazo Nut Company. These sour cherries are half way dehydrated and enhanced with addition of salt to create one of the most sought after dried fruit varieties of Iran, "Albaloo Khoshkeh Martoob"!! They are in due to popualr request for them. Get them if you love salty and sour dehydrated sour cherries vs. the completely dried ones. Try them for yourself... 8 oz
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These little bites of dehydrated sour cherries are very popular in Iran and are mostly sold in popular nut or confectionery stores. They are slightly salted and are purposefully not dehydrated all the way to create a juicy/fruity unforgettable experience for you when you have them...
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