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Satsuma Mandarines - "نارنگی ایرانی"

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Have you been craving "نارنگی ایرانی " for a long while now? Do you believe that store bought "Cuties" just do not cut the mustard!!! We do agree with you and that is why we are proudly offering you our sweet, juicy, fresh Satsuma Mandarins. These beauties come to us from South America but they taste just like the ones we used to get from " ساری " and "دریا کنار " way back then. Grab a pound and indulge yourself in their amazing taste and aroma which brings back many memories from our home land... Minimum purchase is two pounds. 1lb - 450 grams
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Out of stock
Satsuma mandarin fruit is one of the sweetest citrus varieties, with a meltingly tender texture and usually seedless. This fruit is about the size of other variety of mandarin oranges. One of the distinguishing features of the satsuma is the thin, leathery skin dotted with large and prominent oil glands, which is lightly attached around the fruit, enabling it to be peeled very easily in comparison to other citrus fruits. The satsuma also has particularly delicate flesh and deep orange/reddish colored peel.
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Persian Name" نارنگی ایرانی"
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