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Young Walnut Preserve - Noyan - Imported from Armenia

Young Walnut Preserve - Noyan - Imported from Armenia

Lavashak Martoob

Fruit Roll Up Bowl - "Lavashak Martoob" - Goldis - Imported

Sesame/Dill/Barley Crackers Gorji


The "Jovin Biscuit" by Gorji containing dill weed as well as barley and sesame is considered one of Gorji's most popular products. It is usually recommended by nutritionist and diet planners for people who want to loose weight but are still looking for healthy, low calorie snacks. This product owes its popularity to its unique taste, healthy ingredient, absence of preservatives as well as its low caloric content. Enjoy them as a great complement to your fancy cheese platter or have them just by themselves as a relatively guilt free snack!


500 grams

Availability: Out of stock

ارزش غذایی در هر ۱۰۰ گرم
انرژی ۳۵۳ کالری
چربی ۱۶ گرم
کلسترول ۳ میلی گرم
سدیم ۵۸۰ میلی گرم
پتاسیم ۱۲۱ میلی گرم
کربوهیدرات ۴۵ گرم
پروتئین ۷ گرم
کلسیم ۲۳ درصد
ویتامین آ ۱ درصد
ویتامین سی ۰ درصد
ویتامین ب-۶ – درصد
ویتامین ب-۱۲ ۱ درصد
آهن ۱۶ درصد
منیزیم ۴ درصد

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