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Lavashak Majlesi Sour Fruit Toffee

Lavashak Majlesi Sour Fruit Toffee

Apricot Halves - Sun Dried

Apricot Halves - Sun Dried

Special Bernie Dates - خرمای تمبر برنی

Bernie dates have a light brown color and soft meaty body. They come as "Tambr" and inside their own juice. They are great as breakfast item. They can be enjoyed with tahini, yogurt and/or inside deserts. They can also be used for any baking purpose of yours once the pits are removed. Our Bernie dates are conveniently vacuum packed and sealed to increase their longevity. This product contains wholesome intact Bernie dates and contain pits. net weight:2 lbs, 907grams
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Bernie dates are special dates that are popular among people of middle eastern for their mildly sweet taste, juiciness and soft body. These dates can be used for snacking. They go well with Tahini as well as with yogurt. They are a big part of diet for people from Boushehr and southern cities of Iran.
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