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Super Healthy All Natural Spicy Olive Spread -

Super Healthy All Natural Spicy Olive Spread - "Mama Faith's"

Pumpkin Seeds - Double Roasted & Salted - Open Flame Roast

Pumpkin Seeds - Double Roasted & Salted - Open Flame Roast

Super Healthy All Natural Olive Spread - "Mama Faith's"

Mama Faith's masterpiece product has been developed using everlasting "Zeytoon Parvardeh" concept and artfully integrating it to today's taste preferences and party needs. This amazing product can be used to add flavor to any grilled fish and poultry dish. A savory and healthy recipe steeped in Iranian tradition, Mama Faith's Original Olive Spread brings a modern twist to a traditional Persian dish. Contained within each jar are premiere Krynos Jumbo olives and a host of complimentary ingredients perfected over decades by Mama Faith. This spread serves as a perfect pairing to fresh bread, crackers, sandwiches and even seafood dishes; an easy way to add a delicious and healthy variation to your favorite Persian appetizers and entrees. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We assume 0% responsibility and liability for your addiction to this product. ✔️Preservative Free ✔️Artificial flavor/color Free ✔️Gluten Free ✔️MSG Free ✔️Non GMO ✔️Persian style flavors, tastes just like home made "Zeytoon Parvardeh"!! net weight: 8.5 oz (240 grams)
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This unique olive spread recipe is a true masterpiece which has been brought to life using fresh olives, pomegranate molasses, fresh cut/chopped aromatic herbs, garlic, sun flower oil, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, fresh red onion, and fresh garlic. The resultant product captures an incredible flavor that will resonate long after the last bite. It is a great condiment for any slice of fresh bread or chips. It goes great with any fresh pasta, and/or sandwich you have. It is an amazing addition to any fancy cheese platter set up of yours. Health benefits of olives are long well known. Olives provide an abundant source of antioxidants/anti inflammatory agents (Hydroxytyrosol, Oleanolic acid, Quercetin, Tyrosol). You can find many vitamins and minerals necessary for health/immunity in olives. Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium and copper are among those health essentials found in olives.
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