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Barakat 2 lbs Safawi Dates

Barakat 2 lbs Safawi Dates

Goldis 8.9 oz Lavashak Rolls - Fruit Roll Up Tray

Goldis 8.9 oz Lavashak Rolls - Fruit Roll Up Tray

"Bare Fruit Mix See Through Pack" - Dehydrated Fruit Slices

Our tasty "Bare Fruit" sour mix contains freshly dried sliced fruits. The uniqueness of this product is in its freshness and its pureness. This product is 100% void of any added sugar/preservatives/flavoring and coloring agents. It is made in fresh small batches at our market weekly. Treat yourself to goodness of one pack and taste the difference for yourself... Contains freshly sliced and dried strawberries, kiwis, sour apples and purple plums. 8 oz
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Dried fruits are super healthy snacks. But there is a catch!! If you get them from large manufacturer/brands, they are almost never without preservatives and added sugar/coloring/flavoring agents. If you get lucky enough and you can find a local small market that makes them in small scale and without any added preservatives/sugar, then you are in luck. These wonders of nature are always loaded with vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy diet. They can be enjoyed by themselves or added to smoothies/Greek yogurt/cheese platters for an extra ordinary experience.
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