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Certified Organic Dried Figs - Estahban of Iran

Certified Organic Dried Figs - Estahban of Iran


Dried Red Mullberry - "Toot Tajrish"

Mulberries have been a national fruit of Iran and loved by many Iranians for years. These little bites of pure joy are quite fragile and that is why you can not find them in markets in North America. We offer a variety of Persian dried mulberries on our site for you to enjoy. These dried red mulberries are from Tajrish/Iran. They are moist, sweet and have a beautiful red color variation which turns to purplish after being dried. Enjoy a handful of them and treat your body with a super healthy dose of minerals such as iron and potassium as well as vitamins such as vitamin C,K, and E... 8 oz
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These dried red beauties are plump, soft and sweet. If you like sweet mulberries, these are a must try. They are maroon colored and pleasantly sweet. You can add them to your sweet trail mix, afternoon snack or use for baking. No matter what you use them for, you will not be disappointed as they are quite unique both in color and taste.
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