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Koloocheh Lahijan -  Almond

Koloocheh Lahijan - Almond

Koloocheh Sogol - Walnut

If you miss the taste of Persian Koloocheh from Lahijan, try these delightful product that has come to us from Tajikestan!! These tasty soft cookies are Lahijan cookies that have gone a long way to make it here for you to enjoy them. Koloocheh is a traditional Persian cookie. It has a soft shell with a chewy filling inside. The filling can be a mixture of nuts and/or fruits. This specific Koloocheh has walnut filling. Each box contains four Koloocheh cookies that are doubly packed in two separate packs. Koloocheh goes perfectly with a cup of any hot beverage of your choice (tea or coffee) or it can be enjoyed by itself as a sweet snack. 200 grams - 7 oz
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Koloocheh is a traditional Persian cookie with original recipes rooting from Lahijan and northern regions of Iran. This cookie has a soft heavenly tasting shell with a doughy/chewy filling inside. The filling comes in different variety of flavors like vanilla, walnut, almonds, pistachio and coconut. Whatever the filling inside, you can expect an overall soft, tasty and refreshing piece of pastry/soft cookie that goes perfect with a cup of hot tea or coffee. These cookies can also be enjoyed by themselves as a sweet snack and without any hot beverages. This specific brand is imported from Iran to Tajikestan and then to USA.
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