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Saffron - Negin Sargol - 4.6 grams -

Saffron - Negin Sargol - 4.6 grams - "Momtaz Ghaenat"

Shamshiri Earl Grey 100ct Whole Leaf Ceylon Tea Bags

Shamshiri Earl Grey 100ct Whole Leaf Ceylon Tea Bags

Imported 4 oz Organic Barhang Plantain Seeds


BĀRHANG (also bārtang) is a seed with many therapeutic applications (as seen below in details). Nowadays it seems that the therapeutic utilization of the common plantain in Iran and some neighboring countries is limited to the use of the dried ripe seeds, especially against diarrhea and dysentery. This is probably the oldest recognized main use of the plantain/Barhang. Avecina also states that both the greater and the lesser plantain seeds (two slightly different plant types) are very effective against “rheumatism” and “intestinal complaints”.

In Iran, plantain seeds in an infusion/combination with the mucilaginous seeds of three other plants—Sisymbrium alliaria Scop., quince, and Cordia mixa L.—are used as a demulcent and expectorant in some pulmonary ailments. This popular traditional compound is called č(ah)ār-toḵm(a),lit. “the four seeds.” The Barhang seeds are also believed to be effective as a coolant, against erysipelas, and to speed up the maturation of boils and abscesses with all these applications being mentioned and used in traditional Persian medicine...


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BĀRHANG (also bārtang), plantain, is a general, imprecise name for about 27 species of Plantago L.(family Plantaginaceae) in Iran, particularly P. major L., the greater plantain, P. lanceolata L. Unmistakably, the rich pharmacognosy of Plantago was incorporated into Islamic medicine from Greek sources: Medical-botanical authors of the Islamic era. Eating cooked plantain with vinegar and salt helps against intestinal ulcers and chronic diarrhea; it is good for suppura­tive wounds, deep wounds, scrofula in the neck, tonsil­litis, burns, etc.; eating cooked plantain helps cure epilepsy and asthma; the expressed juice of the leaves is good for oral inflammations, earache, hemoptysis and some other pulmonary ailments; chewing the cooked roots soothes toothache; eating its cooked roots and leaves is a remedy against pains in the kidneys and the bladder.
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