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Best Tea Earl Grey 500g Whole Leaf Loose Leaf Tea

Best Tea Earl Grey 500g Whole Leaf Loose Leaf Tea

Wooden Meat Masher

Wooden Meat Masher گوشت کوب چوبی

Persian Green Basil Seeds for Planting - Imported

Once you have had Persian " ریحون سبز " with your food, nothing else will come even close to that!! These amazing seeds have come to us all the way from back home to beautify your Herb Garden and add a completely new level of excitement to your Persian dinner table set up. These nostalgic seeds and the resultant aromatic green basils will be a true conversation piece at any gathering if you get them grow right in your garden. It is so easy to have them grow to big basil plants. Just make sure to not over or under water them. Happy planting and enjoy! 1 oz
Availability: Out of stock
These amazing seeds are to be planted in an area with about 12 out of 24hr daily sun exposure. For best result, you may want to be use top soil as well as Miracle Grow as/if needed. Basil seeds/plants do not like wet soil but need to be watered at least every other day sparingly. Avoid letting them sit in wet soil as it will stop germination process. Their soil needs to be adequately drained to avoid damage to the seedling/new germs.
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