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Imported Minoo Rangarang Wafer Snack Box

Imported Minoo Rangarang Wafer Snack Box

Halva Wafer Snack Pack

Halva Wafer Snack Pack

Halva Wafer Large Pack

87% of 100

Tasty and crunchy wafer cookies sandwiched with layer of sesame Halva. A small single serve pack of Halva wafers to eat at breakfast, lunch, tea time, after dinner or as a snack. Box contains several packs to stock your pantry at home or the office or serve with tea at your next get together.

24 x 0.9 oz (25 grams)

Availability: Out of stock

Wafer cookies are a classic treat now layered with Halva for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The halva is made from sesame seeds which is then sandwiched between wafer layers for a snack like no other. Box contains several packs of the Halva Wafers.


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