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"Bare Fruit" - Dehydrated Persian Lime Slices

Dried Red Mulberry Powder For Smoothies & Cakes

Dried Red Mulberry Powder For Smoothies & Cakes

Pitted Tunisian Dates


Why Tunisian dates?? These dates have a long skinny body and are semi dry. They are lower in sugar content compared to Medjul dates. They are packed with same macro and micro nutrients as Medjul dates minus the lower sugar content. So they are desirable whenever sugar content is a concern...

These dates are soft and fresh, and will have you craving for more. Keep in mind that they come in a resealable bag for long-lasting freshness.

They are packed with protein and minerals. Each of these dates has about 1 gram of protein so a few of them can help get you through your next workout at the gym. Dates are a super source of iron and magnesium. There are actually 15 essential minerals present in dates to include phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, manganese and copper. Throw them into a yogurt or just grab them as a snack and you will be surprised how they keep you going.

These dates are pit-free, leaving over plenty of luscious fruit for you to enjoy. Dates can be refrigerated or they can be frozen.


24 oz, 680 grams

Availability: In stock
Great tasting dates without the hassle of pits. Buy pitted dates, they are ideal for snacking or to be added to desserts instead of raisins or craisins. Just hop them up and sprinkle them on your favorite desserts! Nutrition Tips: Dates are power packed with nutrition and loaded with high dietary fiber, and dismissive quantities of calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium. This tiny fruit has more potassium than even a banana! Potassium is an essential mineral needed by the body to maintain muscle contractions, and smooth functioning of the immune system. View the different sizes of pitted dates we have for sale. Ingredients: Ingredients: Dates
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