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Imported Icim 1L Sour Cherry Nectar

Imported Icim 1L Sour Cherry Nectar

Wild Gilan Aloocheh

Wild Gilan Aloocheh

7Bahar 400g Raw Honey Comb


Turkey is reputed for making honey due to bees that live in various biomes from the Caucasus Mountain fields to Caspian and Black Seas. 7Bahar honeycomb is raw and pure honey still on the honeycomb made in the hive. Serve honeycomb as you would honey, at tea time, on the breakfast table and as part of your charcuterie board. The chewy honeycomb is edible and makes a great textural accompaniment to bread, yogurt and cheese. Cut pieces off the block and use them for added texture/taste/beauty on fancy cheese boards.

Net weight: 14.1 oz. - 400 grams

Availability: In stock
Turkey is reputed for making some of purest and most delicious honey across the globe and 7Bahar is a leading Turkish producer of high quality honey. 7Bahar Honey company works with select beekeepers in Turkey, choosing only the best honeycomb for you. n. Honey is the rawest and purest form of honey available. Enjoy honey comb by cutting into small pieces and spread with cream or butter on bread, perfect for the charcuterie board. Honey comb is an elegant accompaniment to coffee and tea too!
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