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200g 60% Antep Pistachio Spread

200g 60% Antep Pistachio Spread

Imported Icim 1L Sour Cherry Nectar

Imported Icim 1L Sour Cherry Nectar

Goldis Clarified Butter Rooghan Zard Kermanshahi


Goldis Roghan Kermanshahi is a pure natural ghee or clarified butter for cooking. The amazing taste and aroma of this natural ghee gives Persian style rice a delicious taste and the perfect tahdig or rice crust every time. Clarified butter is the perfect oil choice for cooking and sauteing.

Net weight: 14 oz. - 400 grams

Availability: In stock

Roghan Kermanshahi is a ghee or clarified butter that is a nostalgic product for us Iranians away from home. Roghan Kermanshahi adds that magic touch to Persian style rice to create tahdig - rice crust.

Just put this amazing oil on the bottom of pot. Spread your favorite choice of item, potatoes, lettuce, bread or squash for Tahdig and then pour your long grain rice on top of the veggies. Then put your saffron liquid on the top and let the rice cook some more to get to the final perfect Persian rice in about 35 to 40 minutes!

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