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100% Pure Multi Flower Honey - Zergut - Imported from Bulgaria

100% Pure Multi Flower Honey - Zergut - Imported from Bulgaria

Wild Sour Cherry Preserve - Zarrin

This jam by Zarrin owes its popularity to its large size, amazing taste and color as well as its fruit content. This jam is 65% fruit and has lower sugar content than the regular Zarrin Sour Cherry jam. Try it with any fresh cream or cheese of your choice along with wholesome Barbari or Sangak bread. net weight: 900gram ~ 2lbs!
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Persian wild sour cherries are quite popular due to their amazing taste and intense bright ruby red color. The preserve made with these has a unique tangy taste that goes well with any cheese or cream of your choice. They are a perfect condiment for any cheese and cracker platter set up you have in mind as they will add both beauty and taste to your arrangement.
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